“When I first came to Reddy-Care Physical Therapy I had a lot of back pain and shoulder pain. As for my back problems I was not able to stand or sit without pain. I also was not able to stand up straight. I lived on pain medication.

With the therapy, I achieved relief beyond my expectations. Not only can I stand up straight, sit comfortably and walk without pain but I also no longer need to take pain relievers on a daily basis. I have also learned how to stop a spasm when it begins.

As for my shoulder, the pain was severe. I was not able to raise my arm or move it in any direction. I also could not find a comfortable position to sleep. After therapy, my shoulder is 99% better. I no longer live in pain. I have almost complete range of motion.

I definitely feel there is a difference with the type of physical therapy that is used at Reddy-Care. The techniques used did stop my spasms and pain. The therapist is a gifted therapist who does not give up until he has achieved success. The atmosphere is warm and friendly from everyone who works at the office.

I have shared my experience with others and would highly recommend anyone who is in need of therapy, use Reddy-Care.”