As we head into the cooler months, the members of your Reddy-Care family start to think more about preparing and protecting our patients. Take time now, before the dangerous winter conditions arrive to take stock of your situation and prepare for fall prevention!

Many factors may contribute to a fall, but there are a few simple things everyone can do to protect themselves:

1.  Speak with Your Doctor!

First and foremost, speak with your physician.  Certain medications and medical conditions can increase the risk of falls.  Speak with your doctor about your medications and conditions and they will advise you if there are steps you could take to keep yourself safer.

2.  Stay Active!

Speak with your physical therapist and consider adding more physical activity to your routine. Walking, water aerobics and other light exercise help to strengthen your muscles and improve balance and coordination, all of which help reduce the risks of falling.  Your physical therapist can help you create a custom exercise program to fit your needs.

3.  Dress for Success!

It may seem silly, but simply having the appropriate footwear may greatly reduce your risk of falling. Be sure to have your feet measured each time you purchase footwear, buy shoes with laces or fabric fasteners, and avoid high heels, slick soles and slip-ons.

4.  Make Sure Your Home is Hazard Free!

Simply removing clutter can often make the difference between a safe haven and an accident waiting to happen.  As you secure your home, notice the placement of power chords and phone wires.  Tuck them safely out of walking areas.  Be sure to keep high traffic areas free of clutter and small furniture such as end tables and umbrella stands.  Secure all loose rugs and floor boards and place non-stick mats in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Follow these simple rules for safer living to help prevent falls.  If you are interested in providing a Fall Prevention Clinic or lecture for your organization, we would be happy to arrange for one of our therapists to work with you.

For more information on Reddy-Care’s Fall Prevention Program, or to schedule a consultation call 516-829-0030.