We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new, state-of-the-art equipment, the Kinesis Technogym. Kinesis, which is the Greek word for movement, gives patients a rehabilitation experience unlike any other. Instead of the body following the machine such as in traditional weight training, Kinesis follows the body, allowing for free range of natural movement with no compromise to resistance.

Kinesis will help the balance, flexibility, and strength in everyone, whether you are a mature individual with physiological limitations or an athlete training for competition.  A number of elements can be combined to modify the difficulty level of movements and add diversity to each workout.

The Benefits:

  • Improves coordination, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular function. Your body will respond to 3-dimensional, 360 degree conditioning, improving your athletic performance and everyday physical activity.
  • Improves neuromuscular control of muscles. This will improve joint range of motion over different movement planes, allowing more efficient motion. Moving efficiently reduces incidence of injury and gives you a greater sense of confidence. Improves power transfer through the body, which is great for golfers, tennis players and many other athletes.
  • Improves overall performance and total body awareness, whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete. Giving attention to your stability and balance as you move facilitates the connection between mind and body, thereby improving the quality of life.


  • Official supplier for the Olympics, including:
    • Sydney 2000 Olympics
    • Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic games
    • Turin 2006 Olympic and Paralympic games
    • Bejing 2008 Olympics
  • Official supplier for the Italian Soccer Team who recently came in first place at the 2006 World Cup.
  • Featured on the NBC’s reality TV show “The Contender”.
  • ICAA Innovator Award 2007 – The International Council on Active Aging selection committee has chosen Technogym’s Kinesis as North America’s innovative new equipment for active older adults!

If you would like to come in for a free trial of the Kinesis Technogym, give us a call at 516-829-0030.