Getting an athlete to work harder, smarter and with more dedication than they have before calls for the right motivation tools. In many cases, it all comes down to the numbers. If an athlete knows where he or she stands in the present, a direction to head in will become clear. This can motivate and will very likely produce the desired results.

The question is how can coaches and trainers that are strapped for time properly assess their athletes to provide the data necessary to drive them forward? After all, it takes time to record performance and then provide reassessments as training moves forward.

With our new OptoJump Next, it is very easy for coaches to obtain the data they need to push their athletes ahead in their games. OptoJump Next, a product created by Microgate, is the only objective, dynamic device that quickly and easily assesses body mechanics while the athlete is in motion. It provides precise, easy to interpret, and objective performance data to make certain that the well-rounded athlete is able and agile in all directions – there is no favored side.

OptoJump Next makes it possible to:

  • to assess an athlete’s performance and physical condition
  • to rapidly identify any muscular deficiencies and measure tolerance to various work loads
  • to develop customized and diversified training based on the test results
  • to periodically check the results of training
  • to create a database of athletes in order to compare them with each other or to compare the results of a particular athlete in different periods of time in order to objectively determine the results of training
  • to examine the physical condition of an athlete after an injury, to develop specific actions for rehabilitation and check its progress
  • to motivate athletes by giving them tangible proof of the progress made, thus stimulating fruitful competition inside the group
  • to significantly reduce the trainer’s workload, at the same time allowing him/her to retrieve at any time the results of tests performed even months before
  • to make use of an objective “judgment” when talent-scouting or choosing athletes

When athletes are given the benefit of full analysis complete with data, they can:

  • Better utilize their training time – When a full assessment shows an athlete that he or she needs to pick up speed or strength to perform better, training time can be better scheduled to get job done. Data collecting tools simply focus training.
  • Gauge their improvements – When data collection occurs before an improvement plan and is redone during it, athletes can literally see their efforts begin to take shape.
  • Motivate themselves better – If a runner knows that a fraction of a second needs to come off time to gain an edge in competition, the data provided can motivate.

When athletes and their coaches are able to collect precise performance data, fantastic things can happen on and off the field. Numbers really do matter when it’s time to motivate personal athletic improvements.

Reddy-Care Physical Therapy is now offering free pre-season screenings for all local high school athletes. If you are interested or know someone who can benefit from this free service, give us a call at 516-829-0030.