Choosing the Right Physical Therapy

Come To The Experts
There is a lot that goes into an evaluation. We focus on you as a whole, not just bits and pieces. For example, if you are having back pain, it is necessary to get the complete  picture on what is causing your back pain. Your posture needs to be evaluated, the mechanics on how your hips move, the mobility of the soft tissues and muscles, gait analysis, and much more.

Our team of highly trained physical therapists keep up with the latest, cutting-edge therapy techniques, and can take on the hardest-to-heal cases with absolute confidence. You are treated like family with hands on therapy and customized exercise programs designed to address your individual needs and achieve the best results.

Your treatment plan includes education on what you can do to prevent further injury. By closely monitoring you, we ensure that you’re making steady progress on a daily basis and maintain results. We will get you the results you desire while ensuring you’re recovering quickly!

Advanced Treatments
· Vestibular
· Soft tissue mobilization & myofacial release
· Post-operative rehabilitation
· Sports & orthopedic rehabilitation
· Gait and Balance Training
· Wellness Program
· Ankle/Foot Pain
· Arthritis
· Back Pain/Sciatica/Stenosis
· Knee/Hip/Shoulder Pain
· Neck Pain/Headaches
· Walking/Balance
· Workers Comp Injuries
· Auto Accident Injuries
· And much more!
We accept most insurances.

In-Home Therapy
Don’t let location or the inability to travel to appointments be an issue for you. With Reddy-Care’s In-Home Therapy service, we can send our skilled therapists to your home. This is covered by Medicare. Our therapists see you on your own time and it is not necessary to be home-bound . With all the limitations that can prohibit you from getting the best care, physical therapy at home will help you advance at home comfortably. We take great pride in seeing you in a quick and timely manner. Our goals are to help improve quality of life by reducing pain fast, increasing range of motion, strength, and endurance.


“I want to thank my doctor for referring me to Reddy-Care. I came in with low back pain, but my therapist realized that the cause of my back pain were my hips not  being aligned properly. My therapist was able to adjust my hips to the proper position on the first visit. After that visit I felt very light on my feet and my stance was noticeably better.” -JR

You Deserve the Best Physical Therapy Facility
A good physical therapy program can help maintain your physical abilities, as well as maximize your potential for enjoying normal activities. An effective physical therapy program can also prevent or limit physical de-conditioning, and allow you to enjoy walking, bending, reaching, sports and return to work.

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