My Patients Need In-Home Therapy

At Reddy-Care, we take great satisfaction in helping you maintain optimal health and want you to get rid of the pain that prevents you from leading an active lifestyle as quickly and easily as possible. That’s why we provide in-home services! If you’ve been putting off physical therapy, Reddy-Care In-Home Services is the perfect option for you.

Patients Prefer Home Care

  • Patients work with the same physical therapist for 45-55 minutes in a one-on-one session. This personal attention maintains continuity of treatment and assures the patient a rapid progression of care.
  • Patients can rehabilitate in familiar surroundings. At home family and friends can also help provide support.
  • Patients may be discharged from the hospital sooner. Our therapists are often able to initiate care on the day after a referral is made.
  • Patients save time, energy and expense by not having to travel to outpatient physical therapy offices. With many patients traveling after sustaining an injury or having surgery may be too difficult.
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