We understand you might be apprehensive about your first physical therapy appointment, but from the second you start working with one of our therapists, you’ll fell like you belong at Reddy Care PT. Our Welcoming front office staff members are happy to help you begin your path to recovery and answer any insurance, scheduling or billing questions you may have along the way.

Do I Need PT?

  • Do you have chronic pain or restriction that you have been living with for years?
  • Has your condition gotten worse?
  • Has the frequency, duration, and intensity of your problem increased over the last few months?
  • Has your quality of life been compromised by pain or injury?
  • Have you had an athletic injury that has not improved for two weeks with rest, ice or anti-inflammatory medication?
  • Are there activities in your daily life that you have given up on or cannot participate in because of pain or weakness?
  • Have you had pain or numbness that is getting worse or unchanged after 2-3 weeks?
  • Have you had chronic pain that continues to bother you, especially if you increase your activity level or try to exercise? You could be using the wrong muscles to “cheat” and making things worse.
  • Have you had surgery and feel your mobility, strength or gait is not improving as it should?
  • If surgery was recommended as a possibility but you haven’t tried therapy first to either avoid surgery or improve your strength and conditioning after surgery?
  • If you have recently been diagnosed with a neurological condition, i.e., Parkinson’s Disease, and need assistance with maintaining and improving mobility, flexibility and strength?
  • If you have had physical therapy in the past but did not get better. We are manual therapists and believe that hands-on therapy is more effective than just a strength program or passive modalities alone.
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