Why We Are Different

“I came to Reddy-Care PT with a torn ACL and various other problems with my knee. I was in horrible pain and very unsure if I would ever be able to do the things I did before my injury. From day one of my physical therapy, I was given the confidence and the help to be able to bring my leg back to its full strength so I could get back to work and doing what I love, playing baseball. Today I can run as if I was never hurt and I owe my success fully to Reddy-Care. Thank you again Reddy-Care.”
- O. A.


  • Specialized Therapists-The therapists at Reddy-Care PT are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the highest quality of physical therapy treatment to all kinds of patients. We have specialists in the fields of neurology, pediatrics, orthopedics, sports, women’s health and much more.
  • Advanced Technology- Our facility features the first OptoJump Next, Kinesis and Alter G (Anti-Gravity Treadmill) on Long Island. Our combination of manual therapy and innovative exercise programs offer you the chance to be creative and diverse in your treatments. Our new equipment allows our therapists to treat their patients with objective data and creativity that is critical in our healthcare industry.
  • One-On-One Care- What truly makes our company’s patient care philosophy so unique is its dedication to one-on-one care. Employers and patients can be confident that comprehensive evidence-based physical therapy and continuity of care are a priority at all of our locations. Our patients receive focused attention from their therapist and customized car for the duration of their treatment.
  • Courtesy Patient Transportation- Reddy-Care Physical Therapy provides a courtesy service to members of our community who cannot transport themselves to physical therapy.

Pro Football Player Nick Ferguson

In his own words…

“As a former NFL player, I’ve experienced my fair share of bumps and bruises. Whether it’s on the gridiron or doing household chores, aches & pains can occur at any moment. So when they do, you should get the best team possible working to get you back in the game. That’s why I rely on ReddyCare and their knowledgeable staff, who will cater to all your treatment needs and make sure your recovery is as swift as it could be.”

-Nick Ferguson

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