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In Home Physical Therapy and Fall Prevention

At Reddy Care Physical and Occupational therapy, we believe that patients and individuals should be able to function at their utmost potential. This means that along with being pain-free we want our patients to be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle so they’re able to do all the activities they enjoy. Our in-home physical therapists have the unique ability to evaluate, treat and improve our patient’s condition in the comfort of their homes through a one-on-one personalized and scientific approach. We realize that falls and unsteadiness are a major factor in decreasing the functional ability and quality of life of individuals, especially seniors. We are going to look at some of the factors that cause falls and how your in-home physical therapist can help you navigate through this to help you lead a more confident lifestyle. We want you to be able to walk in the park, go up and down stairs and participate in your community without any inhibitions or second thoughts.

Falls are a major cause of loss of function and resultant decline in health status among seniors. It is a well-documented fact that 1 out of 3 adults over the age of 65 sustains a fall every year and those who fall are 2 out of 3 times more likely to fall again within the next 6 months. Apart from the obvious adverse effects of sustaining a fall such as an injury, hospitalization, and decrease in physical status, a fall can also have debilitating effects on the individual’s lifestyle causing fear of falling and an overall decrease in their ability to go out and socialize in the environment which they are living.

Our In-Home Physical Therapy program provides an excellent opportunity for individuals who are prone to falls or have sustained a fall to work on improving their balance and have a personalized approach to help improve their overall physical activity to promote wellness. To prevent falls we must look at the body systems that help us maintain our balance.

There are 4 primary systems that help our body stay in equilibrium as we stand, move, walk and perform our day to day activities:

– Vestibular system
– Nervous system (Proprioceptors)
– Musculoskeletal system (Strength)
– Vision

As an individual gets older these systems can get affected such as an increase in muscle weakness of the legs, arthritis, and neuropathy leading to decreased sensation in the joints, vertigo, dizziness and a decline in visual ability. Our in-home physical therapists through their training, clinical experience, and ongoing educational expertise are able to evaluate the deficiencies that cause an individual to fall and come up with a plan of care that will help act on these systems to help improve the individual’s ability to balance themselves without help. This can be from creating an exercise program, performing manual techniques to alleviate pain, educating patients on modifications required in their homes such as grab bars and toilet seats. Through balance re-education in the home, your physical therapist will help you navigate through obstacles, train you to walk on uneven surfaces, go up and down stairs, and carefully reaching for objects. Some of these simple tasks can get really difficult especially if you have had a history of falls and through neuromuscular reeducation, your therapist can help you regain confidence. The fact that this can be established in your home is extremely beneficial as it gives you the chance to function independently without fear of falling. Fear of falling is seen in individuals who haven’t sustained a fall recently which can be equally debilitating as the person’s confidence is hindered and he/she confines themselves to their homes. An in-home physical therapist can help you by providing one-on-one care in the comfort of your homes working on specific exercises and balance programs which will help you tackle the functional difficulties you are having with confidence and energy.

Our physical therapists also specialize in providing an individualized home exercise and self-management program which will ensure that you are able to maintain your functional status even after you have stopped therapy. Remember health and wellness is not merely the absence of disease but also the ability to function to your full potential within the environment that you are living. Our in-home physical therapy program will help you create a more independent and active lifestyle for yourself.




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