Patient Testimonials

  • Ready-Care is great I think everyone should come to Reddy-Care I’ve been here so many years when I don’t even have to do have physical therapy I come here for exercise and I suggest everybody comes here. The therapists are great. I work with Stephanie, she is #1. And all the other assistants are wonderful they give you a lot of attention. I’ve only had good experiences!


  • I love Reddy Care!!! I went in September 2017 – September 2018, for a “Frozen Shoulder,” and other ailments for which I can’t even explain. My condition was horrible, that I couldn’t even lift my arm or do daily activities
    without crying. The pain was excruciating. I had two great therapists Probal and Stelios, who pushed me to attend my appointments, at exercise/home treatments, and eventually modified yoga. I thank God for these two therapists, they were amazing and funny. They made me feel as comfortable as much as possible even in the midst of pain. I now have my independence, able to do yoga, lift weights and am able to engage in normal daily activities with no pain. Thanks, Gerri, Probal, and Stelios!!!!


  • BENEFICIAL TO ALL AND THANK YOU FROM THE SENIORS! I love Kate and I am so happy with her! Reddy Care is the best thing that has happened to me in my life. When I fell and couldn’t get up I knew pt would help. I was recommended to reddy care and it has made me a different person. I have another life besides the disability now


  • The occupational therapy by Rita Levey, OTR is really improving the quality of life for my husband, Alan. Rita is detail oriented, flexible, and incredibly supportive of my husband. Rita goes above and beyond in scheduling the sessions to optimize his strength, some times of the day are more tiring for him. Rita assessed our home for improvement; our son is thrilled that his dad’s in house wheelchair will be used in the kitchen. Rita will integrate Alan’s fine motor skills to join the family as a meal mate. Alan has really benefited from the therapy as well as the face to face interactions with Rita. Rita is a terrific therapist, she has the empathy that goes with her expertise. Specifically, the sitting in the chair to help his trunk support and fine motor skills is the noteworthy improvement. Thank you!


  • I came to Reddy care because I was experiencing symptoms of vertigo. This caused me to be very dizzy, queasy and made me unaware of my footing. Stan the man was my therapist. Stan explained to me why I was experiencing this dizziness and it was very helpful. The therapy was great and worked fast. After physical therapy, my dizziness stopped.


  • I began physical therapy because I was having back pain. My balance was not good and I would get tired easily when walking. Physical therapy has been very helpful. I saw improvement in my condition and I enjoyed my sessions. After physical therapy, my endurance has increased and I can walk longer distances outside. My balance has also improved and I feel safer when walking.


  • I came to physical therapy because I had difficulty in maintaining my balance. This made it challenging to walk, travel and have a social life. I am very happy with the physical therapy that I received. I am now able to walk in and out of my house and I feel stronger and more confident.


  • I came to physical therapy due to back pain, I also had a brain aneurysm. This prevented me from performing daily activities such as walking. My therapist helped me and was great! Thanks to physical therapy I am able to walk with only a cane instead of needing a walker.


  • I began physical therapy to aid in my recovery from a stroke. I was unable to walk independently and I was restricted at home, which made it difficult to perform my daily activities. Physical therapy has been encouraging. I have regained my strength, confidence, and independence. Before I was very dependent on my walker. Now I am taking steps without my walker and am getting stronger.


  • I came to physical therapy because I had right shoulder pain and experienced pain with overhead movement. This caused me to wake up at night and prevented me from doing my chores. My therapist gave me exercises that stopped the pain and gave me back the use of my arm. Before physical therapy, I would wake up four to five times a night. Now, I can sleep on my back and side and sleep all night.

    Anna Marie

  • I came to physical therapy due to back pain. This prevented me from doing the things that I enjoy. Physical therapy has been extremely helpful. It has helped relieve my constant nagging pain. Now, after physical therapy, i have the ability to lessen my pain in order to resume normal activities.


  • My mom came to Reddy Care because her body was not strong enough to stand or even roll over in bed. Her condition was weakness and muscle loss; she was bedridden. Her physical therapist was amazing, very friendly, knowledgeable and has helped my moms legs, arms and overall body strength. She is much stronger and loved therapy. She is willing to do daily exercises thanks to her therapist.


  • I came to Reddy Care because I had a broken leg and damaged knee. I was mostly bed bound. Walking was very limited, stairs were very difficult and I was wheelchair dependent. Physical therapy has been very challenging and enabling. The atmosphere is very encouraging and positive. Before therapy my leg was very stiff and painful, making movement difficult. Now there is much less pain, and my ability to walk and get around is much improved, as in my ability to climb and descend stairs.


  • I came to Reddy Care Physical Therapy due to back pain. My pain prevented me from doing almost anything that involved lifting or standing. Physical therapy has been difficult but very helpful. Walking has been my biggest and most positive change. Before, I was afraid to go outside alone because of my balance problem. Now, I am gaining more confidence.


  • I came to Reddy care because I was hit by the mirror of a car and knocked to the ground. This caused me a lot of pain and made it difficult for me to do certain movements, especially bending and holding weights. My physical therapist was amazing. Reddy Care is a fun and welcoming place to be in. During my time here I’ve even got to know other physical therapists, techs, and even patients. The community here is truly fun and unique from my other experiences with physical therapy. Not only do I feel that I have recovered from my injury, I feel stronger and in better shape then ever! I’ve seen myself grow and take on more difficult exercises – things I could never imagine doing!


  • I had so much pain in my back and knees that limited my walking and taking care of my needs at home. Pain was due to osteoarthritis in me knees and a cracked vertebrae in my spine. I was unable to get in and out of a car, and sitting and standing activities were painful. I also had difficulty standing for prolonged periods to cook meals or wash dishes. My therapy was educational. I learned about my conditions, other options to ease my pain, exercises to ease my pain and strengthening my legs and back. I also learned what home exercises to do when i am alone. I feel better now even though some of the pain is still there. I am able to walk with my walker in the hallway for longer periods of time before i get tired


  • I came to Reddy Care Physical Therapy with severe arm pain, tendinitis and bursitis. I couldn’t move because of the severe pain. I couldn’t dress myself and I was becoming depressed. My physical therapist was a life saver. At first, it was hard and I was in pain, but everyday it got better. Before therapy I was losing hope and I was scared. After therapy I felt that even if I had pain again I would know what to do, get therapy!


  • I am very pleased with my improvement particularly in the area of moving steadily from place to place. This gives me confidence to go out and do things, always accompanied of course. My surgeon was very pleased to see me walking to his office with just my cane. My pain level has also been substantially reduced both in motion and at rest.